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All Aboard for Astral Traveling

I don’t sleep well. Actually, I do readings in my sleep for people I don’t even know. Some are crossed over, they just need to talk. And this all happens while I “sleep”.

Countless times, I’ve been told by clients I’ve visited them while they were sleeping, giving them messages that are relevant in their lives. The common thread with all of them? They always report I bring wine with me. 🍷

Astral projection is when your astral body actually takes a little journey away from your physical body.

Do you ever have a dream you’re in the past? Revisiting an old place? Many times I myself have gone to my grandparents old home - and it always gets me that it SMELLS the same and my experience is so real that it brings me comfort.

Astral projection is when your astral body actually takes a little journey away from your physical body. There’s nothing to fear though, it’s not the same as your soul leaving, you’re very much tethered to your physical body and can return at any time. Actually, when you do return it’s like jumping back into yourself - this is when you can wake with a start and feel panic. Sometimes you wake right before and there is a paralyzed feeling.

Astral traveling is something your higher-self uses to communicate on a more profound level with your guides. Also with those in your life who you’ve let go - you know those visitations with your ex? And it’s a way where those on the other side can visit you and it feels so real and affects us the days following.

Some ways you know it’s not just a dream:

-You have strong emotional feelings during the experience.

-You have an awareness that you are not awake and this is more than a dream. You can smell, see, touch, and have sensory feelings.

-You can’t READ anything during Astral travels.

You may even try so as to figure out where you are but it’s fuzzy. Why? You don’t have physical eyes. This is all operated via your third eye vision.

-You can feel like your flying instead of walking.

-You check in on family members and see them although they may be unaware you’re there. (Like when my kids are at sleepovers)

-You have deep conversations of closure with someone from your past. They may not have conscious awareness of this the next day but this is because it’s your higher self speaking to their higher self. This happens in twin flame relationships often.

How to astral travel? Be open to it. The fear can hold you back. Say a prayer before sleep asking for protection of the white light and trust that your angels will guide you and protect you. The point of it is for higher forms of self awareness, and it’s work.... the downside is get ready for some not so awesome sleep cycles!

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