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Do Dogs Have Auras?

Dogs are pure energy. They don’t have an ego, they just ARE what they ARE without question. They do have reactions and they are excellent mirrors for us to witness how the universe reacts to us in our lives. Dogs are our teachers.

Dogs have colors around them, but usually it’s a blueish kind of color. Sometimes it’s red if the dog has an agitation issue, a tendency towards aggression or just a high prey drive. Dogs operate on a frequency of “present moment”. They don’t think about past or future, they are completely in the element of this moment.

Being with your dog and taking that energy in is helpful to all of us. This is why study after study shows the health benefits of having a fur baby.

When I do a reading on a dog I get TRUTH. I can see who the pushover is in the house and who the insecure one is too! Dogs will look for an “alpha” and if there isn’t one, they will become the alpha.

Some dogs are better than others at being alpha, so I will see some dogs create nervous habits when out in public with an owner who is insecure. They will bark, nip, bite or shake. This is because they know they have to “protect” mom but also aren’t really equip naturally to do so.

I can see issues with a dog. While many who were rescued from terrible situations shed the memory they don’t so easily escape the learned behaviors. So I will feel “triggers” on a dog. Like they don’t like their one side touched, or you can’t talk over their heads.... this can create a behavioral reaction that can be frightening to the new owner and hard to break.

Best thing to do with an anxious dog? Sit with them silently. Feel their feeling. Exchange energy. Dogs “think” in pictures, scents, emotion. Send them these things as you sit next to them until they calm. You don’t have to speak or make eye contact, dogs feel you.

This is why paying attention to your dog can also tell you about YOU. Does your dog sit on you? They’re telling you you’re “theirs”. Does your dog freak out when the neighbors come home? They know you’re annoyed by them. Does your dog get destructive when you leave the house? They know you feel guilty, don’t want to leave or in general are recreating more about your feeling than theirs.

Every dog is different.... but what is universal is their ability to feel and reflect what your world is. Their ability to love no matter WHAT. Their love is in perfect harmony and correspondence to how spirit loves YOU. I truly believe they are God’s reminder to us what perfect love looks like.

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1 Comment

Sally Driedger
Sally Driedger
Mar 26, 2021

Animals are such teachers. You have said the words that I have felt from my dogs, I am so connected to them. I send my horse heart messages all the time since I dont see her every day.

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