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Strange Psychic Gifts, Quarantine Life & The Fifth Dimension

On this week's Know Your Aura Podcast, Scott and Michaela discuss the positives of life in quarantine. They discuss strange topics like reading salt, baking "liar detecting" bread, and communicating with psychic animals. Michaela also explains that we are all shifting from the Third Dimension into the Fifth Dimension during the pandemic. Scott also checks in on various celebrities to see which dimension they reside in. You might be surprised to know that Hannah Brown is living life in 4th!

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1 Comment

I just listened to,"Strange psychic gifts, Quarantine life and the fifth demention." This was extremely interesting!

Mystic Michaela explained everything well enough, for me to understand, on what is truly going on with me and the changes I have made for myself. I understood a lot more; on what is going on in this world! 💞

All because I decided to listen to Mystic Michaelas podcast! Thank you so much! Lots of Love and Light heading your Way😇 I am beyond grateful!💞

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