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An autographed copy of "The Psychic Workbook” will be mailed to you or the person of your choosing.

Train your intuition and embrace your psychic power with compelling activities and expert advice to get in touch with your connection to the universe.

Everyone has the power to be a psychic: and psychic to the stars Mystic Michaela is here to help you learn how!

With expert information about how intuition works, how to connect with your psychic senses, and how to prepare your body and mind to use your psychic abilities, along with forty exercises to put your skills to the test, The Psychic Workbook can help you connect with your intuition and hone your psychic skills. From scrying, to remote viewing, to looking for auras, these workbook exercises give you the chance to explore all aspects of your psychic power with accompanying journal prompts to help you record your experiences.

The Psychic Workbook- Personalized and Autographed

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