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"I have had a few readings of various types and only one I would say was pretty accurate until I happened to see Michaela on the #RHOC and I was hooked when I watched her as she was authentic I could feel it as well I could see she was hurt a bit in the way one of the cast members dismissed her like she was insignificant.

Having said that I had to book a 40 min session. I sent pictures and she knew nothing about me. My hubby was always somewhat skeptic although he’s believes in spirt. Right out of the gate she told me my auras Yellow/Indigo which completely brought sense to my life since a child being an indigo. However everything she said from our loved ones crossed over via messages , names, how they passed and so much more my husband was in tears in silence as was I. She knew things about me as a child no one could have known but she did and then some. Michaela is one of the most down to earth people I have crossed paths with she’s real and loves reading people because it’s her true calling. Her readings are worth their weight in gold!! I can’t wait for my next one. She’s certainly my go to psychic forever"

Deborah E. Fraser Zwicker

"Thank you for the insight you gave me on my family. It has given me some piece of mind on the future. Thank you again. I would recommend to everyone I know."

"Michaela is very accurate and detailed with every reading I have ever had. She has an amazing gift and is an incredibly compassionate and spiritual person. I would recommend her to anyone looking for insight into their own lives and/or connections with loved ones passed."

Monica Schmitt

"I had a reading and it was amazing. Spot on in every way. She is a wonderful human being who touches your spirit and soul through her amazing gift. She is truly a special person."

Trina Heywood

"I enjoyed the reading I received by email. I felt it was accurate and informative. I would recommend Michaela to everyone."

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