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A Purple's Rebellion

I have a purple aura, and I don’t like umbrellas. And even though I currently live in South Florida, and its rainy season, and I walk a half mile to and from school to pick up my kid…. I really resent my umbrella. I have umbrellas, two mismatched vagabond umbrellas that if could speak, could most likely tell you a really interesting tale of how they ended up in my possession…. But I don’t purchase umbrellas and I never have. I have looked at them at the store. I have held them in my hands at Target, seriously considering my position on umbrellas… but never did it, I’ve never bought an umbrella.

Turquoise aura Abby can't get enough of the rain

Inevitability at school pick up time, the thunder cloud rolls in and not just trickles, it DUMPS rain on us. Its a tropical humid thunderstorm hell. And even though we take the umbrella, we use said umbrella….we still end up wet. And I wonder, “What is the point of this umbrella? Doesn’t everyone see that we really don’t need them?” Its madness to me. I don’t have cute umbrellas, like I said; I have really odd mismatched *someone gave this to me for free at a health and wellness show* umbrellas. So what is my issue? Why don’t I get normal people umbrellas, why don’t I buy the biggest umbrella I can find, why don’t I accept the umbrella?

Oh yay, its summer.

Well, I am purple… and this is my little rebellion and I have learned to embrace it. I stopped fighting these little rebellions a long time ago. Part of being purple means, I don’t really care about certain conformities of society. Like the need to stress out about your kid getting wet. The need to size coordinate my umbrella to my kids’ height. I just don’t have the deep concern about it and the big thing is…. I stopped caring a long time ago what others thought about it. And sure, being an indigo – an empath- I FEEL the judgment. Heck, I feel my own kids’ judgment. But I just stopped trying

to make myself care about something that wasn’t a big deal to me.

"Being purple means you kind of question the safety net, the metaphorical umbrella in life’s inevitable storm."

And that purple, that’s what gets me through some really tough times when life needs me to let stuff go. And it helps me see silver lining in any situation that could be perceived as very sucky. And it has made me laugh, and it has made me say NO and it has made me walk out of a teaching job that was suffocating me – literally walk out – on a Wednesday afternoon in October many years ago. And it made me pursue something that took a lot of bravery because; yeah I DO feel what others think. Being purple means you kind of question the safety net, the metaphorical umbrella in life’s inevitable storm. But my purple has made me seriously embrace the fact that I don’t care … cannot care… and be happy at the same time. And that, that is why I don’t buy the damn umbrella.

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