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Aura and Career

Michaela discusses each aura color and the importance of aligning it with your career choice as well as the the motivations, strengths and weakness of each in the work place. Scott and Michaela play a new game entitled, “Does the reality star’s fake or not fake tv job match their aura?”

Host: Mystic Michaela ( Link: Thrive Naturals ( | Promo Code: "MMThrive20" for 20% off)

  1. Follow Mystic Michaela on her other social media channels: Instagram: @mysticmichaela Twitter: @MysticMichaelaAnd, join Mystic Michaela's Spiritual Family on Facebook! Or, have a more private question? Feel free to email me: TheMysticMichaela@gmail.comMMThrive20 for 20% off at checkout House: Flint Stone Media ( Copyright of Mystic Michaela LLC 2019

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Love the podcasts, just catching up on Aura and career. Very informative! Thanks for all the info on how to get to know ourselves better! I just keep on guessing but I think I'm red and purple so I'm going with that for now.


Very interesting podcast of how the different aura colors match with careers. I also laughed a lot listening to your husband in his attempt to get more male listeners. Jumani lol


I swear these podcasts are speaking directly to my soul each and every time!! Its like Mystic Michaela is writing them just for me! so informative and really makes you get deep!!

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