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Empaths vs. Narcissists - Notes

The unaware and programmed empath are targets of the narcissist. Unaware Empaths need constant giving opportunities because they have been programmed that this is the only source of their self worth.

What is a narcissist? A narcissist is a personality disorder.

But energetically speaking, it is a “Chained Soul”. They are “Ego Operators” and suppress the journey of the soul for superficial ego attention.

Narcissists feed off unaware, programmed and victimized empaths. Narcissists have an insatiable need to receive. Unaware empaths have an insatiable need to give.

They create “Empath Traps” where they present a reality where they are victimized, angry, and desperately need support.

How an empath trap works - As the empath supports the reality of the narcissist, the payment is a feeling of having pleased someone, having fixed a problem, of being special to someone who has had a very hard time. The empath is borrowing the pleasure of the narcissist. The empath feels others feelings as their own, and the narcissist prays on that by giving them a false reality in which to absorb.

The narcissist never gets better though. The reality always stays bad, there is no fixing it. That’s why the empaths get tossed out and replaced often. They need to keep feeding the narrative. If there were no problem, the narcissist would have to take personal responsibility, and this is impossible for a narcissist.

The Empaths in the Empath Traps become “flying monkeys”. They will do the bidding of the narcissist - they will bully others, harass others and support the narcissist’s agenda. They will become extensions of the narcissist. If at anytime the empath speaks up, or holds up any sort of alternate reality, the narcissist will isolate the empath and turn it around. They will blame the empath, project all their intention onto them, and say that they are crazy. The narcissist will always play the victim and will never own any responsibility in any falling out with anyone. This is always a red flag to be aware of.

It's a parasitic relationship. The empath needs to give, the narcissist needs to take. The payment is the gratitude, attention and praise of the Narcissist. It fills a void where a connection to spirit should be. Once an empath is awoken to this, they are no longer of use to the narcissist and will lose the relationship with them completely. Steps for the empath are outlined in The Recovering Empath.

More notes:

“The Stage” - Narcissists build a stage and present an award. The reward and the crossing of the stage are the goals for the empath. Every time they get to it though, it gets further and further away. The narcissist will always change the requirements, change the terms. Then they will blame the empath.

Covert Narcissists are Con artists. The victims survive hidden abuse. No one believes the empath. The narcissist will isolate their victims, making them feel foolish for even having a reality that is different from the one everyone else seems to believe.

Gaslighting – the use of psychological warefare against others.

Projecting – What the empath gets accused of, the narcissist is actually doing.

Abusive – “If you behave a certain way I will go back to the way you remember me to be at the beginning.” Its always the empath’s fault.

Honeymoon periods – sometimes the narcissist is so convincing, so amazing, the empath can feel that this is what is the price of such a great relationship. But this is NOT a normal relationship.

Bonds with the narcissist – when raised by a narcissist this is the only love that feels “normal”.

“Energy mirrors” – The narcissist will show up in others when the empath’s guard is down. When ending a relationship with one narcissist, they will show up in other areas of one’s life.

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such a powerful message. flashes of how my ex-husband groomed me, wooed me, abused me rushed to the surface. Still much healing to do. This message helped a lot


WOW!!! This resonated with me to my core....thank you so much!

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