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The Recovering Empath - notes

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Over the years, through my own experience and channeling spirit for others, a process was shown to me, one which I call “The Recovering Empath”. The Recovering Empath goes through many stages, and can repeat them through their journey, able to get stuck in cycles if not practicing self awareness.

If you want to grow through it, you have to go through it.

The programmed empath

The invisible empath

The angry empath

The self aware empath

The victimized empath

The isolated empath

The healing empath

The light working empath


Programmed empaths are unaware of their powers, thus leaving them susceptible to blindly fulfilling the needs of others- especially those with narcissistic motives. They are born into a family where a role is given to them. The “good” one, the “fixer” the one without issues. They take their self worth from their low impact existence, the least given to them means the most worth they have. This pattern continues their whole life as they become “doormatted” by people over and over again. Invisibility is the empath’s survival tool, making sure they aren’t seen so that they can’t be projected upon. If raised in a narcissistic environment, the empath learns to become unseen. To “wallflower” so that they don’t trigger the narcissist rage or projections. There is only one special person in a narcissistic relationship – the narcissist. The empath has been raised to know this, and thus learns to be no one, with no identity of special qualities of their own in order to please the narcissist.

Once aware, the empath can feel angry and victimized ... stages that are necessary but must be passed through. Anger is a break through emotion, it will crack open the hurt and the reality of what has been happening for so long subconsciously. The goal here is to see it, validate it and move through it with a lesson learned. Isolation is often the safe place for an empath who has been hurt so badly to the point of not trusting their own instincts. Feeling one’s own pain and seeing how they have been taken advantage of can cause the empath to stay away from deeper relationships. Healing and lightworking are the ways the empath can finally see the connection they are so needing in this lifetime. Giving to those who are worthy of it... not who those who require an endless supply of it. Giving to those who want to get better... not to those who just constantly need to get cured.

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