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FAQ with Mystic Michaela

Welcome to the world of auras, where knowing YOUR aura will help you live your best life. In this episode, I answer all the most frequently asked questions about auras and their role in living an authentic life. Topics also covered are sociopathic cats, the mysterious manscaping rituals of my husband, Scott, and why purples don’t have to do laundry.

Host: Mystic Michaela ( Link: BakBlade (

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Wow, listening to your first podcast about auras is amazing. I have always been so interested in this kind of stuff. My father is a medium! I love all the stuff you post and I truly look forward to listening to more of your exciting podcasts!


Love your podcast! You’re such a great energy 💓 I love following you on social media and through the podcast! Thank you for sharing your light


I’m so glad you’ve started a podcast! I really enjoyed listening to you on Velvet’s Edge. Is there a way to accurately identify our aura if we’re unable to have a reading?

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