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Mystic Michaela's Halloween Special

Michaela and Scott explore three documented haunted locations in this week’s special episode. On their adventure, Michaela channels numerous unsettled spirits at a house, a church, and an old building used for mysterious purposes. Scott discovers that ghost hunting may just be for him! And, FAQs about those who have not crossed over are answered.

Host: Mystic Michaela ( Link: Yesteryear Village ( Special Thanks to: Kandi and Nino from Nino Carvalho Farms & Ag Spraying in Tranquility, CA

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Production House: Flint Stone Media Copyright of Mystic Michaela LLC 2019

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Love love Loooooovvvveee Mystic Michaela's podcast co-hosting with her hilarious Husband Scott! These two will make you laugh, think, cry, and feel every emotion in between! If you are looking to get some great self- growth insights on yourself or others, learning about auras, spirit guides, twin flames, how to guide yourself through this world as an Empath, or simply need a 'feel good' podcast then this is it!!! I highly recommend anyone to listen to this podcast from the 'wanting to spiritual awaken' to the 'empowered empath' Michaela and Scott got your back!

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