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When in a past life vision, its like you are a passenger in someone else’s being. It’s you, but not you… its apart. You can watch and observe the thoughts and actions, but cannot influence them at all. One of my more significant past life visions came with details that made all the difference.


I am a man. I am taking off a black v-neck garment and it is not complicated. I feel the heavy cloth. I am aware I am in a hotel, I am aware of the tub having been “prepared” for me. I see a tub. It is cylindrical. Its wooden with metal rings around it. It is long and thin, but very deep. The room smells like wood, cedar? I know it is hot, I see steam rising off of the water and I know it is fed from a heat source below. I am happy to be in a room with this, it feels like a luxury. I know I am away on business. I am stepping into the tub and I look out a circular window while I do onto a scene that is pastoral and looks like late summer or early spring. I am going to soak.


The tub really sticks with me. I am obsessed with it. I try to remember every detail during this vision. I try to remember the look, the feel. I know there is a built in seat. The water is deep and almost black – no visibility. It is very hot. I feel like this is a treat, and I feel that the ritual of this moment must be something cultural because I feel it has meaning and is a time for deep relaxation. I know I am weary and tired from business. I know I am single. I know this is okay because I am a man.


After awakening from this vision, I was very shaken, as it was very real to me. I could not get the vision of the bathtub out of my head. It was an obsessive thought. I googled “old bath tubs” with various tags that were descriptive of what I had seen. After a while doing this, being almost possessed with the task beucase I knew this would solve the mystery of who and where I was, I saw it. The Japanese Ofuro – an old style soaking tub. It was exactly how I saw it in my vision.

I then googled garments worn by men in Japan. I asked myself a year this was in. And I did feel 1860s come through. I saw what looked to me exactly what I had been wearing.

Researching the details made me feel validated.

Have you had an experience of your own? I would love to hear it…

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I have snippets of visions. They are like vignettes of scenes being played out. When they happen I struggle to keep the scene going. It’s as though I’m watching a silent movie and I am not participating. I’m always fascinated by them. Unfortunately I have not written them down to see if there is any correlation between the different “silent movies.” I will note they only occur when I first close my eyes before going to sleep at night. And I have always had the strong feeling they are snippets from past lives.

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