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So...You Married a Green?

Michaela introduces you to the world of the green aura--and with it their characteristics, quirks, and interests. Michaela and Scott then dive into the intricacies of the different types of green, how you have to watch out for the "Guru Green," and that you probably already know the "Science Guy Green." You know what they say... If you don’t know a green, you probably ARE the green. Then, Michaela and Scott also have time for a little more FAQs from Mystic Michaela’s Spiritual Family.

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Jon Sanaz
Jon Sanaz
Feb 08, 2020

Omg. So I’m totally married to a green man. Holy moly! Lol. In a good way. I’m totally making my husband listen to this episode.


For the advice to blue people in work environments... another way to protect your space is to get a piece of granite from a landscaping store, or from outside if you have granite where you live. Put the granite in your cube or under your desk and picture how any energy that isn't positive and healing for you is kept out of the space by the granite, so that only healthy for you energy can be in your space. If your cube is in an open office, image that your space is about 6" to a foot surrounding your desk and behind where you sit at. Granite is an intelligent stone that can help you with energy protection and maintenan…


Thank you for your most recent podcast entitled “ are married to a green”. Each podcast has taught me so much about becoming my authentic self. You and Scott are a terrific team as you bring in your unique senses of humor.

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