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Spirit Guides and Soul Contracts

Scott has been on the wait list for a reading and finally gets one. Michaela deep dives into what spirit guides do, what a soul contract is and how your guides communicate with you. Michaela discusses spirit animals and dream states, numerology and synchronicity. Scott and Michaela then have some time for FAQs. Also, important breakfast decisions are made.

Host: Mystic Michaela (

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4 commentaires

Melinda Sanders
Melinda Sanders
27 août 2021

I love all your episodes!! The coolest thing happened after listening to this podcast! A few years back i took a quiz online just to see what my spirit animal would be & it said the deer😒 the time i couldn't stand them bc they'd hit pretty much every car I've owned. Took the quiz again after listening to this podcast & it said deer once more but that night otw home from work, a buck with huge antlers jumped out but stopped at the rd & watched me until i pulled in my yard... Then a couple nights after that, what looked like the same buck jump out the same spot but this time there was another buck right behind…


Thank you for these great podcast topics. I especially perked up when I heard you mention a possum because I see them often. Just happened last night. I rescued a baby one out of my pool once. they are amazing sweet misunderstood creatures.


Love love love! MM just gets better with each show! This gave me goosebumps and really hit the nail on the head!


I loved this really appreciate if you could post what you were saying numbers mean. That was fascinating to me 💙💜

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