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The Recovering Empath

Join Michaela as she delves into what it means to be an empath and the stages of development as one journeys through it. Then, we have "FAQs with Mystic Michaela," where she talks about growing up in her haunted house and the “Button Jar Story” mystery that was recently solved by a listener! Stay tuned to the very end where Scott discusses his own surprising experience last week as he channeled a victim of 9/11 in his history classroom.

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My friend sent me this podcast and it really has been exactly what I needed to hear. Mystic Michaela shed so much light on things that I could never was like she was speaking to me directly. I felt so much lighter after listening. I just felt understood :). Will continue to listen to her podcasts...she’s amazing!!!


I’m so grateful I stumbled across this page!! It’s feels as though a switch has been flipped on and I’m seeing and feeling things in such a different way!! So much makes sense now!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! You are AMAZING!!!!


Truly life changing! One of the best things you can do for yourself is tune in to this amazing duo and listen with your heart and be open to what you hear. You'll never regret it! So grateful for all you do, Mystic Michaela!!!💗💗💗


Michaela is amazing. She's very insightful, witty and knowledgeable. I absolutely value her gifts. Her podcasts are a must listen!!

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